Lake District Retreat  October 2024

No Ordinary Retreats have been specifically created as an opportunity to for you to experience an intensive immersion into the depths of your inner being. Experienced practitioners, enthusiasts and instructors alike are welcome, in order to work on themselves for personal growth and development.

These intensive yoga retreats are an opportunity for you to step off the treadmill of Life, log off, slow down and turn inwards.  Just as an astronaut explores outer space, you will get to explore your own inner dimensions.  A variety of reflective techniques will be used, which are designed to draw your attention within, allowing you to examine your thoughts, feelings, emotions and sensations.  Gradual withdrawal from constant stimuli and pressures of the outside world, allows space for deep contemplation.  You can BREATHE.

Connecting with the breath directly puts you in touch with your emotions and you begin to “feel” more.  Many people run from “feeling” any emotions or painful memories and dark experiences.  Emotions aren’t a problem unless they are supressed, repressed, avoided or resisted.  Personal stuff, traumas and dramas can arise, which can provoke an emotional response within.  When you are presented with a variety of feelings, you have a choice of how to deal with the associated emotions that bubble to the surface.

All too often, these painful emotions are stuffed right back down into the body, where they lie festering and unprocessed, wreaking havoc on your physical and mental wellbeing.  It isn’t always pretty when you come face to face with yourself and any baggage you are carrying and what you have done to yourself (and others) by your own actions. This confrontation can be challenging and downright ugly.  In the stillness, you encounter your subconscious patterns, habits, conditioning, stresses and your own thoughts.

Yoga is a coping mechanism for fully processing emotions that have previously been lurking, hidden deep within the core of your being.  A safe space is created within the retreat, so that you get the opportunity to “go there” – to expose yourself emotionally and be vulnerable.  Getting comfortable with discomfort takes great strength and much support from the group is often needed.  Letting Go is an essential part of the healing process.  Sometimes we have to break down and lose ourselves in order to find ourselves and ultimately build a better, stronger, wiser version of ourselves.  That’s the REAL yoga.  The science of self-transformation.